I have been gifted a pair of

extraordinary lips


they are Jesus' lips, on loan

to me, and I use them for all sorts

of occasions


slippery smooth they sling

the sweetest nothings

into the curviest conchae --

better than my actual lips

on the best of nights 

with the loudest of buzzes


the pillows in Jesus' lips are much plumper

than even a pillow on a rich man's bed, a man

with a special neck pillow

-- that old tennis injury always creeping up --

and rebound like jump shots


if you're into cartography

it's nice to trace them up and

down and up and

around and

down like a mountain

and a valley and, 

what's that?

oh yeah: a sunset

you might be surprised

but Jesus' lips tell the most 

outrageous lies


women really love all the things they say

I can't blame them!


half of the time I want to take them back because

they taste so good

sometimes I grow weary of His mouthpiece

and have a hard time keeping track 

of all the other mouths we meet



I'll be sad to return them. 

Lord knows there have been 

so many righteous nights