short skirt, high kicks

danced all night on twin soles

a summer fling with a high arc,

blame it on those strong arms


we hung out

                        I was hung up

kept it super casual but, can’t

help it, feelings are causal


tried not to blow it, kept breathing

played it cool but that didn’t stop

me from dreaming or counting

time between our encounters


I could smell pheromones coming

through the phone, listened to your

phonemes and diphthongs

aural fixation, a love song 


pored through your pictures online

ex-girlfriends on Facebook,

portentous to worry so soon but

girls, we just call this part research


attraction no question, we found

arousal in every answer

awake extra early then back

in bed after black coffee


repeated each text like a mantra

knew every message word-perfect

planned my responses, flawless epistles

pithy prayers for devotion 


your slow fade was audible

by football season I’d lost you

dropped calls, dropped balls, but I played

with a team of excuses


soon I just had your profiles

to scroll through, sidelined your outline

unrolled across pages, empty

I wished for a new occupation